An opportunity to rid your FEAR of MONEY and RECEIVE!

You all know me at the Better Getter coach. A huge focus on my coaching is to help guide and teach people, particularly women, on HOW to get past guilt, in order to RECEIVE.

I’m sorry to report that I see it in a very prevalent way from the entrepreneurial women I meet, coach, and lead. Most of the women that are having trouble getting their business off the ground are the ones who are afraid to “ask for the sale” and fail to charge enough (or sometimes, anything at all! ) for their services.

Just last week, my teenage daughter went on a job interview, and said the woman would be calling in a week to let her know if she got the job. “How much will you be paid,” I asked. She didn’t know. She feared that asking how much the job paid would send a message that she wasn’t eager enough.

I told her it was good to look eager. But, I said, it was also important to be respected. The lady asked her is she had any questions. My daughter had none. MINE would have included, “How much does the position pay?” Because, frankly, that’s what a JOB is. You give your services to someone, and that person pays you in return. I truly believe when you are willing to work for next to nothing (or appear to be that willing), the respect you are paid back in return is next to nothing. It doesn’t get honored or appreciated, and in the end, it will be EXPECTED.

Now, that’s NOT to say that pro-bono work, discounts and negotiations, and outright charity don’t have a place. I certainly have done a TON of pro-bono work, and continue to do so. I donated a week stay at my Wisconsin rental home to our chamber last year. Had I rented that week out this summer, it would have been over $1,900 in sales for me.

But I willingly chose to do that. It has less to do with what we CHOOSE to do, and what we do because we feel FORCED into a position out of fear.

And that’s what I’ve been seeing lately — fear around income and money. Fear of using money. Fear of where it’s going to come from to build and increase a business. Fear of RECEIVING it.

So I was thrilled when I learned that my colleague, Suzanne Evans, the coach to those who are trying to make a difference in the lives of others, came up with this new LIVE video event. And the best part is, it’s absolutely FREE.

It’s called “End Your Money Fear Forever… LIVE!”

I love Suzanne. She’s shoots straight from the hip and tells you like it is. She does NOT hold back. She’s as much (more so?) trainer as coach, so she will DIRECT YOU toward what you have to do next to be successful. And she is her own best example. Suzanne started with nothing (in fact, I believe less than nothing, as she had debt), and moved her business to SEVEN FIGURES. And her company won a place on the Inc. 500 list of the fasting growing small businesses in the country.

She is my own inspiration, as a coach and a businesswoman. And I’m as excited to view this event as I am to offer it to you, my blog readers.

Via this event, Suzanne will show you what amazing things are possible, when you make your money fear a thing of the past. Because here is the stunning truth: Your
biggest roadblocks to building your business aren’t the things it takes to build a business. But the fear that keeps you immobilized. Hesitant. Frozen in your tracks. And unable to take action.

But when you join Suzanne for this amazing world premiere live video broadcast, you can dissolve EVERY money fear you have ever had.

Join Suzanne and discover:

  • The same secrets she used to create her breathtaking success. And how you can use them in your own business.
  • High powered experts and inspirational special guests that reveal just how doable this is.
  • Plus (get this!) A rare behind the scenes look at Suzanne’s most powerful marketing avenues. That enabled her to bring in more money in a day. Than she made in her years working for someone else.

It’s coming up soon… the end of this week, to be more exact. And you don’t want to miss it.

So sign up now, and join us for this powerful livestream: Simplified. Straight at you. Streamlined. And absolutely FREE!  Trust me — There are very few areas in your
business that will make a bigger difference than this:

“End Your Money Fear Forever… LIVE!”


An update on the list challenge! Thank you!

In my last post, I was striving to gain more subscribers to my e-newsletter, and I thought I’d update you on the results.

While I didn’t gain the 500 I had hoped for, I did push the list well over 100 subscribers, and I’m excited (as always) to be moving forward!

So I’d like to thank everyone who helped make that happen. If you are a subscriber, you know that you’ve earned ONE free hour of coaching from me, and you have the coupon to make that happen in your email via the August and now the September e-newsletters. Please take me up on it! I truly believe that even an hour devoted to yourself and your goals can change your life, and I’m more than happy to be a small part of that transformation.

To contact me for more information, just write me at!

Thank you again for your support!

A gift for you… ALL of you… for your support!

I’ve got to hand it to Chris Guillebeau. The author of the book The Art of Nonconformity and proponent of the “lifestyle career” — something I’ve been doing since the 1990s, but never thought to NAME it — has a way of delivering huge value. And one of his brilliant nuggets from his “Empire Building Kit,” which is a year’s worth of emails designed to move you and your business forward, has to do with giving and receiving.

Giving and receiving — one of this coach’s FAVORITE subjects!

His suggestion (or really, that of a woman simply known as “Mikita”) is to move people in a GRAND way. If you are going to approach a goal, and ask for a lot, you better give a lot in return.

And speaking of GRAND plans, my most recent business goal is to build my e-newsletter list, in a huge way and in short time, in order be able to reach out to more and more of you, to help and serve you via my coaching experience and expertise.

So rather than try in a meek and weak attempt to move my blog readers to subscribe to my free e-newsletter and join my Facebook page, I am instead approaching it in a way as gutsy and as giving as I possibly can, so that I can give back to my fans as much as they will be giving to me.

Here’s the deal: By Aug. 1, 2013 I want to have 500 Facebook fans not only LIKE my page but SIGN UP to receive my e-newsletter, “ME Time!” – the newsletter that all about YOU.

And here’s the amazing gift. Unlike Facebook page promotions that offer a gift to their 500th fan, or their 1000th fan… I will give ALL my fans TWO hours of FREE COACHING. YES… 500 fans will receive a coupon for TWO hours of FREE coaching. BUT… I need to reach the magic number of 500 in both my Facebook page AND on my list.

It sounds crazy… and it is a little crazy. But I’m willing to do what it takes to encourage all of you to subscribe to my list and experience my coaching.

To learn more about what my coaching is all about, visit my site:

And then, if you like what you see, and you’d like to join my list and be my fan, head over to: There you can LIKE the page, and click the “Join my list” tab to do just that.

REMEMBER: I need 500 Facebook fans AND 500 people on my list! I actually have a few more people on my list than on my Facebook page right now, and the 500 absolutely need to be on the list. So if I get 500 on the list, and have less than 500 LIKES, I will still extend the free-coaching offer!

Can it happen? I believe it can. But I can’t do it without you. The free coaching is worth nearly $200.00. And it may be just what you need to move yourself forward and tip the scales in your favor, toward the successful achievement of a goal. So tell your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors. Share my information with them, via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email. BUILD up those likes, BUILD up that list, and EARN for yourself and for others a coupon for FREE coaching!

And by the way… If you are now intrigued about Chris Guillebeau and lifestyle careers, please check out his amazing products by clicking HERE. (Yes, that is an affiliate link, but I ONLY recommend someone via such links that I trust and to whose philosophy I subscribe.)

If you have any questions about the offer, just write me at Thanks for your help, and I look forward to coaching you for FREE soon!

Finding time for fun

This weekend, I had the joy of joining my husband and son for a trip to Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. I hadn’t been to the museum since my son was in a stroller. And now here we were again, but this time, my son was 14 and a half, and as tall as I am.

I couldn’t help but look over at him while we sat in the dark and watched a 3-D movie at the museum and think how lucky I was to again be spending this time with him. Both my children are getting older. My daughter is already 18, and rarely at home. My son is only a few years away from 18. Before I know it, I’ll be an empty nester!

It’s yet another reason, upon the many reasons, why making time for fun and joy is so important in our lives. Today I made time to have fun with my son. I won’t be able to have the same kind of moment with him ever again, as each moment at each age is unique and special. And I was thrilled to have it.

But I know very, very well, how difficult finding and carving out the time to have this sort of “fun” can be. Some of us are struggling  in this current economy to make ends meet and survive. We work more than one job to help make ends meet, and sometimes they still don’t meet! It’s hard to think about having “fun” when life feels so difficult and worrisome. And yet, at times like this, it’s just as crucial… maybe more crucial… to bring some joy into our lives.

It can be done. PLANNING is what makes it happen. Most people don’t know how to “plan time.” It feels like a very unnatural thing to do, especially if you enjoy the spontaneity of a moment. But like all goals in life, if we fail to plan, we can plan to fail.

Ask yourself today: “Do I have joy in my life? Or does everything feel like a burden to me?” If you need to find that time for joy, sit down with your thoughts and ask yourself HOW it can happen. Even if it’s just once a month for now… “How can I find time for pure fun and joy?”

It does NOT have to cost a single penny. Joy can come from sitting on the front porch at night and gazing at the stars. It can be the dinner you decide to eat outside on the patio on a warm summer’s evening instead of inside in the house. It can be a walk through the woods, by yourself or with your best friend.

For me and my son, Daniel… it was a day of hanging out at the Field Museum, marveling at 3D sharks, learning about creatures that glow in the dark, and looking at replicas of prehistoric cave paintings… together.

How will you find time for fun today?

Turning dreams into reality with BELIEF

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” ~ Napoleon Hill

I caught myself day dreaming as I was driving today. A dangerous habit, I’m sure, but as a creative person, I’ve always been a day-dreamer with an active imagination. It’s a fantasy that I’ve been having a lot lately, and at least in its fantasy form, its a very pleasant one.

I’ve been dreaming of being a salon owner.

Not just any salon. I have VERY specific dreams. It would be just me, or possibly me and my daughter. My daughter will be starting at community college this fall, and her chosen profession of study is cosmetology, which I’m SURE is spurring on my own thoughts and fantasies on the subject. It would be a small salon “suite” (a new concept in a lot of communities), and I would offer the ultimate pampering and beautifying services. My clients would feel wonderful and look amazing. In my head, I could see the salon, the decor, the name on the window!

I ALWAYS wanted to go into beauty. And as you all know, I have… as a style coach and as a former Mary Kay consultant. And for an exteremly short time, I was a professional nail tech.

But I’ll be honest… I took what I believed to be the more “cerebral” route with my career. I’ve always been a writer… and I wanted to explore that fully. And visual commercial art was the close second that I decided I loved more than anything. I don’t regret my choices… I’m an artist. For me, it was absolutely what I wanted to do when I did it.

But now I have a new dream, or perhaps I should say, a “renewed” dream. I don’t think it would be incredibly lucrative. I see it more as a “hobby.” So the time’s not right, because I continue to need an income, NOT a hobby. Not yet. But I could see myself 5 years from now, pursuing the dream, and opening up a little one-person salon.

If you are anything like me, you have dreams, too. But do you live your dreams? Or just dream them? The difference lies in first BELIEVING that your dream could even be a reality.

From what my dad tells me, my mother and my Aunt Sophie always wanted to open their own beauty salon. I believe it! They were SO into beauty, and my aunt loved it all – beauty and fashion, all her life. The sad thing was my mom, when she became my mom, abandoned a lot of that style she had when she was younger for motherhood. She didn’t have to do that, and I would have preferred that she didn’t… but she did. My aunt, who was childless, kept being her stylish self until illness made it more and more difficult. And even then… she always put out her best effort. I saw her without makeup when she was at home, but I can’t remember a time she ever walked out her front door without wearing a “full face.”

But, the salon never materialized. My father, much more the adventurist and goal-setter than my mother, BELIEVED them when they said they were going to open their own salon. He couldn’t separate the DESIRE from the ACTION. That was Dad, and that also tends to be who I am as well. But that wasn’t Mom and Aunt Sophie. I remember he was downright disappointed in them, for being all words and no action. But I think, while my father had belief in them and what they could accomplish, my mom and aunt did NOT. Those were just words for them. They couldn’t VISUALIZE the salon as a real thing.

So that’s where all goals begin… as dreams that we BELIEVE  can come true. Once we believe, we can embark on the next crucial steps, CONCRETE steps which, as Napoleon Hill said, includes a DEADLINE. But first we have to believe that a deadline can even exist, and that we can achieve this dream in the first place.

I BELIEVE I can have that little salon and run a successful business. The plans are being laid, and my deadline is to complete my training and be set up in a salon suite by 2020. I think a physical place where I can serve women’s beauty needs will go hand-in-hand with my Creative Life and Style coaching.

But what are YOUR dreams? Is there something YOU fantasy about, but just don’t believe you can do it? Is it that hard? Are you not up for the challenge? I can only speak for myself, but I know that NOTHING beats the feeling of self-satisfaction that comes from ACCOMPLISHMENT. But you have to set the goal… dream the dream… and believe it first. The hard work comes next.

Remember… you don’t have to do it all by yourself. If you are the type that loses focus (and who doesn’t?) or can’t stay on track (and who can?), all you need is SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY. Once you have those two things, you won’t fail. And a COACH is the person who provides it. Check out my website, and contact me HERE to find out more about coaching and how it can help you make YOUR DREAMS YOUR REALITY!

Don’t take the plunge without a life jacket

When expressing my background, experience and credentials as an at-home career coach to people that don’t know me, I make a point of saying that I’ve been working at home in some way, shape or form for 25 years.

And it’s true. I started to freelance when I was still a very young journalist in my early 20s, working as a “stringer” for local newspapers, and I’ve been freelancing and running my own at-home businesses ever since.

But this is also true: I could NOT have created my businesses without financial support outside of those businesses.

When I first started to embark on a serious, full-time business of my own, I was 24 years old and still living at home. And thank God I was! While I found work fairly quickly, within just months of leaving my job, I didn’t have the same expenses as those of a person who was living on his or her own. My parents did not charge me rent. I did not pay for groceries, gas, or electric.

Because I had been living at home while I was previously working full-time, I had managed to save a HUGE safety net of cash that I could lean on, if necessary. I also had the security of knowing that, if my business plans failed, I would not be kicked out onto the streets while I picked up the pieces of my life.

I’m happy to say that I continued to be successful for many, many years. But even through those years, there were times when I had to “start over,” and I’m not sure I could have done that if I had been the only bread winner in the house.

And while I supported myself and my husband on just my income when we first were married, and later supported myself and my two kids after my divorce, I’d be lying if I said that when I was BUILDING my businesses that I didn’t have additional financial support. I did: I had my “day job,” I had my parents, I had my husband.

If you can’t swim, the idea of jumping into the deep end of a pool is downright stupid. When it comes to sink or swim, let’s face it… Most would sink. Why risk it? And yet, people quit their jobs to start new businesses every day. It’s like taking a plunge off a cruise ship without putting your life jacket on first. If you are going to be starting a business, put that life jacket on and KEEP it on, until you can float on your own!

Starting a business is NOT easy, and there is inherent financial risk with EVERY and ANY business start-up, even if it’s just the initial $90 you pay a direct-sales company to buy their starter kit. According to the Small Business Administration, a THIRD of all new businesses fail in the first two years, and over HALF fail within five years. There’s no doubt about it — the odds are NOT favorable.

But the MORE you can support yourself and your business through OTHER financial means while  you are building  and creating that business, the better the chance that the business WILL be successful.

Think about this: You are hungry. You are stressed. You really don’t know how you are going to get your next meal, because you don’t know where the next paycheck is going to come from. You’d KILL for a client. And you have NO CLUE how you are going to pay the electric bill, the phone bill,  your rent, the mortgage.

What state of mind are you now in? That’s right — you are desperate. You are needy. You will do virtually anything to make a buck. And worse yet, your clients can see it.

Oh, I’m sorry…  excuse me, but… Your desperation is showing! WHO is going to want to work with you?

The only way to keep this from happening is to keep yourself financially secure while you build your business. So what am I saying?

Don’t leave your day job. At least, not yet.

You want to make sure that you have your business built, your contacts set, your client base FIRM and SOLID, money save up, and money coming in that will be enough to support you when you take the leap, AND NOT BEFORE.

I’ve seen my share of entrepreneurs that decide that they hate their job, they hate their boss, and they aren’t going to take it anymore… and they QUIT, thinking that they can start building their business the next day, and, as in Field of Dreams, “they” — the customers — will come.

Sorry to be the one who has to deliver the bad news, but this is RARELY how it happens. Customers don’t come without being driven to your business first, and that “drive” takes marketing, advertising, and TIME. Months… sometimes years.

And if you have to take loans out to get your business afloat (business or credit card), but have no plan on how to pay back that income, you’ll sink even lower, even quicker.

Admittedly, it’s not easy to work a full-time job, come home, and go to work again on your business. You’ll probably lose sleep. You’ll probably lose friends, who don’t understand why you can’t go out on a weekend. You’re family won’t understand why you are pushing yourself so hard.

But it’s also not easy to survive without an income.

It won’t be forever. The day will come when you will leave the nest of your outside financial security, and turn to your dream job as a means of providing all of your income. But if you rush the dream, it may never come true. Support your business now, and it will be around to support you later.

Do you beat yourself up for your circumstances?

Usually, when I get stressed out, I beat myself up for being so “wimpy.” I complain that others handle stress so much better than I do, and wonder what’s wrong with me.

December of 2012 and January of this year was a tough time for me. I was stressed to the max, and all my good habits I had worked so hard and long to achieve started to erode. It would have been easy to hate myself for being so weak.

Then I took the time to actually assess everything that was going on in my life that during that period of time:

  • an ex-boyfriend who still was a very close friend, someone I knew for over 10 years, died
  • a person who I felt close enough to consider as a friend died very unexpectedly
  • my daughter exhibited very risky behavior and bad choices… and then left home
  • my son have a traumatic experience at school and then had to change schools
  • my elderly father, who lives with me, had a rough time with his current ailments, and he ended up spending three nights in the hospital

All the while, I’m attempted to change my lifestyle of diet and exercise in a very dramatic way.

Is it any wonder that I feel stressed and overwhelmed? And I realize that ANYONE would. I’m not weak. I’m just HUMAN. And sometimes, life can throw a lot of negative things at us, all at once. And we deal as best we can.

This is why self-reflection is so wonderful. It helps us to see the facts. It helps us to see the truth. We see how strong we really are. And we see how much we have actually accomplished.

Are you beating yourself up for circumstances over which you have no control? And have you taken the time to take a good look at what’s really going on, and just how strong and capable you really are, despite those circumstances?